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To place an order call us at 505 670-3538 or email and we will contact you.

Sunrise, Daoist Practices for Women

by Caryn Boyd Diel

This book is divided into 3 sections; Healing and Curing, Longevity or Yang Shen, and Immortality.  239 pages of easy to use information.  Simple practices to add health and peace to your life.  Ancient advice on how to simplify your life in modern times. $27.  Order from Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  Also available locally at Village Books in Fairhaven, Washington.  to order call 360 733-1599

"The Mountain Path, Taoist Healing with Chi Nei Tsang"

by Caryn Boyd Diel

Learn the history of the migration of this potent healing practice from China to the Monasteries in Japan, and into the West. Access CNT treatment protocals as a review, or as a new addition to your healing practice.  $17.95  Available on Amazon and from Barnes and Nobel.  Also on the shelf locally at Village Books in Fairhaven, Wa.

I Ching Bagua Poster

Now you can order your own I Ching Bagua, complete with dates, degrees, ideograms and all 64 hexagrams. The arrangement of hexagrams is based on Shao Yong's progression of the Seasons, for the Northern Hemisphere. The information is lasting from year to year, and an excellent teaching tool. 

Recommended poster size is 24 " by 36 ", but you can choose smaller or larger sizes.  The finished poster may be laminated or put on foam core for hanging on a wall.  Trim the edges to your liking or leave the image of the 100 year old pine tree in the background. 

$50 total Prepaid. I will have it sent to your local OfficeMax/Depot store in your town so that you can pick it up at your convenience.

call or email to order

505 670-3538 

6 Healing Sounds CD by Caryn Diel

2 tracks; CD and Powerpoint presentation


This basic Taoist practice uses Color and Sound to clear and harmonize the internal organs, thereby balancing emotions and chi flow throughout the body. Based on 5 element theory and includes the endocrine glands.

Qigong DVDs by Caryn Boyd Diel


Primordial Qigong, anytime of year

Medical Qigong, great year round

Incense Qigong, good for lungs in Fall

Jade Woman Qigong, liver clearing in Spring

Pearl of the Night Qigong, contemplative Winter form

Bone Breathing Qigong CD by Caryn Boyd Diel


Bone Breathing Qigong, sometimes called Bone Marrow Washing, is excellent for preventing bone loss and restoring Jing chi.  Recover from osteoporosis, and strengthen bone marrow for immune support. This guided meditation has also been shown to lessen neuropathy.

6 Healing Sounds Coloring Book


32 page coloring book for all ages.  Learn the elements, emotions, colors and sounds associated with the 5 elements. Also available at Village Books in Fairhaven and on Amazon.

Chi Nei Tsang DVD by Caryn Boyd Diel


View the entire CNT level 1 lectures and hands on massage demo. Includes guided meditation and qigong practice devoted to Chi Nei Tsang practitioners. 2 DVD set. 3 hours and 10 minutes of instruction.

Taoist Dream Practice

Home Study Course   $75

Taoist Dream Practice. Home Study Course AVAILABLE NOW! Download your study guide to read at home. This one of a kind Advanced spiritual practice will teach you the history of Taoist Dream Practice, guide you through 4 weeks of instruction and give you access to instructor online support.  This course will count as 15 hours towards your CNT 1 or 2 Practitioner Certification.

Practice for 100 days nurtures your kidney chi

300 days is the foundation for immortal medicine

2 years your body will become light and your mind effective

3 years is the foundation for ascending to reach the undefinable truth

 "Chakra Tales Study Guide, Putting a New Spin on Your Stories” by Caryn Boyd Diel   $15.00

Learn about the 7 Chakras, their energetic anatomy and the possibilities for spiritual evolution. Play with sounds, yoga postures, color and meditation. This is your the chance to write and then re write your own story.  This book contains information, Chakra drawings and guided exercises for you to do at your own pace.

                Crystal Healing sets for Chakra clearing and balancing

Choose a basic set of tumbled stones for $22, a set of Cabachons $60, or a Power Set of stone for $105

(each set varies with the assortment of stones available)

Tumbled stones include:

Clear quartz, Amethyst, Brazilian Agate, Green aventurine, Citrine, Carnelian, Hematite

1 inch Cabachon $60

Clear quartz point, Purple goldstone, Blue lace agate, Rhodochrosite, Green aventurine, Tigers Eye, Carnelian


Power Sets $105 

Clear quartz point, elestial, raw opal, tourmaline, amber, smoky quartz, staurolite

Well Breast Massage DVD, by Caryn Boyd Diel


This DVD offers a very informative lecture on the anatomy and physiology of breast tissues.  From there you will see 6 demonstrations of Well Breast Massage performed on 6 women in various stages of life, pregnancy and surgery.  It concludes with a self care massage routine.

Microcosmic Orbit CD, by Caryn Boyd Diel


Enjoy a real time guided meditation as you follow the flow of chi through your microcosmic orbit.  A simple but profound Taoist practice which is the foundation for many other alchemical practices.


Prepared just for you

Love Cards Compatability Reports

Destiny Cards Yearly Personal Report

Love & Destiny Card Readings

Life and Yearly readings, Business advice, Relationship & Compatability reports based on the Science of the 52 cards. . Accurate and insightful. Includes a 35 page printed report and one hour in-person or by phone. $150

What our customers are saying



• Alleviate all forms of arthritic pain

• Reduce muscle spasms and joint stiffness

• Lower high blood pressure

·Minimizes pain and side effects of cancer

• Relieve stress and fatigue

• Boost immune system

Amethyst (Far Infra Red) Biomats from Richway USA

THE EFFECTS OF THE BIOMAT'S UNIQUE COMBINATION OF FAR INFRARED RAYS, NEGATIVE IONS AND AMETHYST CRYSTALS move through the body and heal from the inside out. This internal heating flushes the lymph system of toxins and reduces the size of the water clusters for better cell communication regeneration and hydration. 


Speed up wound/surgical healing by 57%

Rejuvenate DNA.

Increase metabolism

Flush toxins from the lymph system,

Increase collagen tissue extensibility

Assist weight loss and accelerate the burn of calories

Increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to soft tissues of the body

Increase production of nitric oxide which assists athletic performance

Massage table size (74” by 28”)  $1,950. No tax or shipping

$100 off with a Health professionals license

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