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Certification in Chi Nei Tsang

White Cloud Institute’s Chi Nei Tsang Certification Program prepares you for a healing practice in this powerful Asian bodywork. Chi Nei Tsang (CNT) is Taoist Abdominal Massage and designed to provide deep healing by working directly on internal dysfunctions and energy blocks. Chi Nei Tsang is not only a body therapy technique, but a whole discipline involving training in vital energy cultivation (qigong) and active meditations to help open the body, mind and spirit. 

CNT level 1, Anma, is the place to begin. This program is based on ancient practices from Chinese Medicine and Daoist teachings.  (see article on the Articles page)

CNT level 2; Ampuku developed from Chinese medicine as it migrated and thrived in Japan prior to Shiatsu.  

Ampuku means “to ease or calm the Hara”.

The program offers two levels of certification and is arranged so that you may go at your own pace. Each level is achieved through a combination of coursework, case studies, supervised practicum, and treatments received. Coursework includes Chi Nei Tsang specific study as well as other Healing Tao classes such as Qigong and Meditation practice.

Chi Nei Tsang 1

This course will give you a firm foundation in this ancient healing tradition. Learn the basic hands-on techniques to restore health and vitality to the internal organs. This course will cover; the basic traditional principles of Anma; Chi Nei Tsang, beginning anatomy and physiology of the internal organs, Taoist meditations and breathing exercises, qigong to increase the flow of chi through the body, with an emphasis on developing chi in the practitioner. Students will be given numerous treatment protocol, including a detox routine. Coursework includes qigong and meditations to cultivate and circulate chi, 5-elements theory, and practical ways to increase health and vitality. You will also learn a self help routine.

Chi Nei Tsang 2; Ampuku Abdominal Meridian Therapy

Explore the breathing process, internal patterns of tension and chi flow, and the resulting mis-alignments of the posture. Learn treatments to purge stagnant energy from the body by “chasing the winds” through the meridians of the arms, legs, and chest. Enjoy the benefits of Bone Breathing and Swimming Dragon Qigong. Understand how to reposition the Psoas, Uterus, Bladder and Prostate for better health and chi flow.  Learn advanced techniques for releasing pelvic tensions that cause pain. Learn about the Connective tissues, Meridians and Consciousness. We will incorporate acupressure techniques, tuning forks and herbal poultices in class.  You will learn to do a treatment for the back of the body using meridian therapy. 

Students will expand on their knowledge of CNT 1 curriculum and learn advanced ways to prepare their Chi field prior to seeing clients. We will practice several treatment protocol for chasing the winds based on the needs of the client. Learn how the I Ching Bagua can be used as a structural healing tool. Pre requisite is CNT 1

CNT Practitioner Level 1

CNT 1 (3 day class) and a CNT Fundamentals Retreat (4 days)

1 Anatomy weekend (14 hours) or another approved Anatomy class

30 hours of other related Healing Tao classes

(Qigong, Meditation, I Ching, Healing Tao, Tai Chi, Cosmic Healing, Healing Love, etc.)

70 CNT 1 treatments given in practice

8 treatments received

2 hours of supervision and evaluation in clinic

CNT Practitioner Level 2

Completion of the above requirements, plus:

CNT 2 (3 day class) and CNT 2 Retreat (4 day retreat )

70 CNT 2 treatments given as practice

30 hours of other related Healing Tao classes

8 treatments received

2 hours of supervision and evaluation in clinic

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