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White Cloud Institute

Daoist Studies and Energy Medicine


Ancient Healing Practices

to enliven your health in the modern world


Caryn Boyd Diel, the founder of White Cloud Institute, has a teaching and healing practice which supports students and clients around the world. She incorporates a lifetime of study in the areas of meditation, martial arts, counseling, bodywork and hands on healing. Her training has taken her around the world. Caryn has a Masters degree in Education and Counseling from the University of California. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in New York in 1999, studied Medical Qigong at the Xi Yuan Hospital in Bejing China in 1995, and at the International Institute of Medical Qigong with Sifu J.A. Johnson. She is a Senior Instructor with the Universal Healing Tao and has studied with Master Mantak Chia in Thailand and Switzerland. To see her private treatment menu go to:

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Teaching Assistant: Steven LaCroix

"Bodywork for me is not simply a profession, but more of a natural extension of who I am.  I communicate most easily through touch, and find that one of the most important things is how I listen through the point of contact; I have been practicing that for longer than I've been a bodyworker."


Steve became a licensed massage practitioner in 2006 through completing the Holistic Health Practitioner program at The Heartwood Institute. Since then he has continued to study and expand his expertise through additional trainings and continual practice in Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Therapy, Somassage, Trigger Point Therapy, and Chi Nei Tsang. Steve has been studying CNT since 2018 and began as a TA with White Cloud Institute in 2023


"I live in Coeur D’Alene, ID, with my incredible wife, Gayle, and amazing son, Aiden, both of whom support me in staying present with what really matters in life."

White Cloud Institute offers a variety of classes around the world. Learn a new skill to add to your healing practice, or take a class which will assist you to grow and change 

in a graceful way.

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